Why Learn Chinese?

  • Chinese is the world’s most commonly spoken language.

  • Chinese is mentally stimulating, interesting, and fun.

  • If you learn Chinese you will have an edge when competing for employment.

  • China is and will be an important business and economic partner of the U.S. and the world.

  • International businesses prefer to hire people who speak more than one language.

  • China plays a major role in world affairs and knowing the language enables you to prosper economically when doing business.

  • Learn Chinese with Dante Durban. See below for enrolement details...

Mandarin for Business

Communicate effectively to the largest market in the world!

Wheter you 're the CEO of a company or on the front lines of customer service, if your industry does business with China, learning the language and the culture is a valuable investment of your time. Go beyond the cursory "Ni hao" (=hello) and "Gan bei" (= cheers) and accepting a business card with both hands.

Take small steps to really converse with your chinese business partners in their language, even if the conversations are short and you have switch to English for more complex issues. The gesture will not go unnoticed. On the contrary, it will set you apart.

Do you need an example that speaks for itself? Take a look at Mark Zuckerberg  (Founder and CEO of Facebook) stuns Beijing crowd by speaking Mandarin for 22 minutes!

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