Learn Hindi with Dante Alighieri

Why Learn Hindi?

The Importance of  Hindi?

Over Half a Billion People Worldwide Speak Hindi


Many Jobs are Being Outsourced to India


Growth of India’s Economy is Unstoppable


To Fully Embrace the Culture of India and Hindi


The Hindi-speaking population is an important global market segment, making it a usual and viable target of most global businesses


Hindi is a language of wisdom, poetry, philosophy, mystery, and song.


For more than a thousand years after its emergence, the language has truly contributed to further enrich and expand the Asian world across literary, linguistic, and scientific fields.

Learning Hindi can help your career in sciences, commerce, business, digital media, and information systems, the growth of India has become so evident that it has emerged as a viable world economy, spurring investor interest within the region.


Companies that eye operational and sales expansion in the South Asia region are mostly recruiting people who are familiar about Indian culture and who could articulately and fluently speak and write Hindi.

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