Why Learn Japanese?

Business in Japan

Studying Japanese means learning a language that is so different from English that it will make you rethink your most basic assumptions about the way language works. It means learning to conjugate your verbs accordingly, and not just to tense but also to politeness. It means getting used to the idea that adjectives can have a past tense. It means doing without plurals, choosing among dozens of different words for “I” and learning to wait for the verb until the very end of the sentence. Japanese is difficult in ways that European languages are not, but it is also surprisingly easy in ways that they can be difficult. There is no subjunctive mood to worry about, no grammatical gender, no definite or indefinite articles, and no complex conjugations according to person. It is also extremely easy to pronounce Japanese.

  • Knowing Japanese brings business opportunities

  • Japanese is a gateway to other Asian languages & cultures

  • Japanese-speakers are the Internet's 3rd largest language group

  • The Japanese are innovators

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