Why Learn Portuguese?

Learning Portuguese is Easy

If you want to learn Portuguese, you will be in good company: Portuguese is one of the world’s fastest-spreading languages and is a strategic language for global communication as well as for economic and political development.


With more than 200 million Portuguese speakers in the world, Portuguese is one of the 10 most spoken language worldwide.

Portuguese is now the most widely spoken language in South America, is a major lingua franca in Africa, and is an official language of eight countries spanning four of the earth’s inhabited continents.


Portuguese has become a well recognized country with the Summer Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.


Vamos falar Português!




Portuguese is a rather easy language to learn, especially if you already know some French, Spanish or Italian because a number of words are nearly identical. As for grammar, English and Portuguese organize sentences in the same order (noun – verb – complement). And who doesn’t have a Portuguese neighbour, acquaintance, or friend with whom to practise speaking without having to move to another country?If we compare Portuguese to languages of other developing countries (Mandarin or Korean, for example), learning Portuguese is walk in the park!


Since 1995, Brazilian imports and exports have practically doubled. It’s reasonably expected for trade between the US, Europe and Brazil will continue to increase. Therefore, knowing Portuguese can help you find a job or put you in a good position in companies that are or that will be in contact with this South American powerhouse! 


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