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Language courses for business in Durban and travelers - Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, English, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Afrikaans, IsiZulu.

All our teachers are native speakers.

Skype lessons also available



for business in Durban and travellers 


business language training
tourism language course

Price 2020

R 2800 pp





Dante has over 25 years’ experience of providing business language courses to major corporate and public organisations worldwide. Each year we deliver training in more than 10 different foreign languages ranging from Italian to Spanish, German to Mandarin. Our 10 hours language course will give those who are interested in learning a new language a good start and is ideal for businesses wanting to give their employees a crash course as well as travelers. We have tried our best to be authentic in the pronunciation whilst ensuring it is easy to understand. Recommended  for tourists and businesses alike.


Topics will depend on the interests of students. Most training providers would touch on the following list of subjects in a business Language course:


Writing skills
Meetings skills


The training is shaped around you as a person. It is our aim to support you in developing your own communication style —one which fits the professional you are. Of course you will learn business language skills, but you could just as easily focus on making small talk on the work floor, being grammatically correct and developing a vocabulary you can draw from each and every day at work.


You largely determine the focus areas of your Business Language course at Dante. The most important questions we would like to have answered before you start your course are:


What do you have to be able to do in your position?
What vocabulary do you need to master for your field and the sector you work in?
What are your current skill levels? What skills are well-developed and which ones are lacking or lagging behind?
Do you often make the same mistakes? 
How is your pronunciation?
The answers to these questions result in a training programme which is tailor-made. Nearly every programme consists of grammar, conversation with role plays and building relevant vocabulary.

Langauge courses for Travelers, some examples:



* Greetings  *General conversation * Numbers * Time and date * Directions and places * Transportation * Emergency *Accommodation * Eating out * Shopping * Colours * Towns and provinces * Countries * Tourist attractions * Family * Dating * Feeling sick  * Tongue twisters

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